Cabin Crew Interview Workshop

Cabin Crew Interview Workshop


Cabin Crew Interview Workshop




Elevate Your Career Aspirations


Embark on a transformative journey towards a career with the world's top airlines through Inter-Excel's specialized Airline Interview Preparation Workshop. Tailored for both local and overseas university graduates, this workshop is crafted to enhance overall interviewing skills and ensure you stand out in the competitive airline industry.


Why Choose Our Workshop?

  • Global Excellence Record: Inter-Excel takes pride in a longstanding record of excellence, not only in assisting local students but also in nurturing the career aspirations of foreign students from diverse regions such as Indonesia, India, Iran, Korea, Thailand, China, Kazakhstan, and more.
  • Flexible Schedule: The workshop caters to individuals with at least 10 to 24 available hours before their airline interview, providing a flexible and focused approach to refining crucial interviewing skills.

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Course Modules: 

  • Introduction To Aviation: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the aviation industry, laying the groundwork for success in airline interviews.
  • Personality Development: Develop key personality traits and attributes that align with the expectations of top airlines.
  • Professional Grooming Incl. Make-Up & Hair Style: Master the art of professional appearance, including grooming, makeup, and hairstyle essentials.
  • Deportment & Etiquette: Learn the nuances of deportment and etiquette crucial for success in the airline industry.
  • Airline Interview FAQs: Navigate common questions with confidence, equipping yourself for a successful interview experience.
  • Communication Skills: Hone effective communication skills, a vital aspect of making a lasting impression during airline interviews.
  • Interview Preparation: Receive targeted guidance on structuring responses and presenting yourself as the ideal candidate.
  • Mock Interview Practice & Correction: Engage in realistic mock interviews, allowing for practice and constructive feedback to refine your performance.


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